Black metal bands


Black Metal Bands and Dark Ambient Projects releasing with us.

This page show all the black metal bands and dark ambient projects that are working with us and those who worked with us in the past.

Raw Black Metal and ambient, German Raw Black Metal, Raw Black Metal, Raw Black Metal From FinlanRaw Black Metal and ambient


Musta Myytti – Necro Forest – Norrut – Orcrist – Sanguine Pluit -Sguaguarahchristis – TrollfasthearT

musta myytti  necro forest


black metal bands       BLACK METAL BAND sanguine pluit



sguaguarahchristis trollfastheart
















Bands and artists working with TWWLF in the past: -Nierty -Whorethorn -Demonic Halocaust -Morgoth -Intra Tenebrae -Animi Vultus -Funeral WinterDust -A Transilvanian Funeral -Winter Axe -Lykauges -Genocide Winter -Torture Trap -Desolate Soul – Nekromorphine -Zinumm

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